A Visual Journey: Unveiling The Spectrum Of Emotions Through Color- DFY with a Private Label Rights License

A Visual Journey: Unveiling The Spectrum Of Emotions Through Color- DFY with a Private Label Rights License

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Beautiful one-of-a-kind custom journal designed with 5 DFY Journal Covers.

Welcome to "A Visual Journey: Unveiling The Spectrum of Emotions Through Color." Within the pages of this journal, you are about to embark on a remarkable exploration that will ignite your senses, awaken your emotions, and paint your life with vibrant hues.

Colors hold a profound power, transcending language and culture, to evoke the full spectrum of human emotions. They have the ability to stir memories, evoke joy, elicit calmness, and ignite passion. In this journal, we invite you to dive deep into the world of colors, and through them, discover the richness and complexity of your own emotional landscape.


  • 5 High Resolution Upscaled Art covers
  • 100+ pages Canva Template
  • 30 affirmations referencing a visual journey unveiling the spectrum of emotions through color.
  • Lined journal pages for personal reflection, allowing individuals to document their personal growth.
  • Weekly goal trackers, a color mood tracker and self-care planner pages
  • A reflections page, 4 coloring pages and 6 digital papers
  • Professional layout and design, ensuring an enjoyable and visually appealing journaling experience.
  • Editable Canva Template


  • Provides a creative and therapeutic outlet for self-expression and relaxation.
  • Give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to release judgment, and to accept and love all aspects of who you are.
  • Embrace the journey ahead with an open heart and an open mind.
  • A safe space for reflection, self-expression, and personal growth.
  • Offers a unique PLR opportunity, allowing the owner to customize and brand the journal as their own.

Ownership Rights:
With the purchase of this PLR product, you will receive full rights to the journal. This includes the ability to modify, brand, and sell the product as your own, retaining 100% of the profits. You can customize the title, cover design, and interior content to align with your target audience or personal branding. You have the freedom to distribute the journal in digital or physical format, sell it on your website, platforms, or marketplaces, and use it as a lead magnet or content offering to engage your audience.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to acquire a high-quality journal that celebrates and empowers African American women. With all rights transferred to the owner, this PLR product offers endless possibilities for customization, branding, and profit generation.