PLR (Private Label Rights) allows the purchaser to retain all rights to the art and journal content as their own.

Beautiful one-of-a-kind custom cover designs with DFY Journal/Planner Covers.

You can resell as is, or publish on KDP or Lulu, or use as a digital product. WHATEVER YOU WANT. Each kit is delivered as an editable Canva template so you may change fonts, content, rearrange pages, edit covers, etc. DO YOU!
  • High quality AI Art
  • Journal Pages
  • Affirmations and/or Journal Prompts included
  • Themed Mindset Material
  • PLR licensing
  • Easy to Rebrand, Add pages and More with Canva Template


What is the meaning of PLR?

PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights. This kind of license provides the purchaser with the authority to alter, rebrand, and resell a product as if it were their original creation.

What is implied by DFY products?

DFY represents "Done For You". It refers to products or services that have been pre-prepared and are set for immediate utilization by the purchaser.

Am I allowed to alter the DFY journals I buy?

Certainly! The advantage of PLR products lies in your ability to modify them as desired. This can involve changing the layout, incorporating your own branding, or even revising the content.

Can I resell the DFY journals as they are without implementing any changes?

Indeed, you can. After you've bought a DFY journal with PLR rights, you possess the liberty to resell it as it is or to customize it according to your liking.

Are there any limitations on the usage of the DFY journals I buy?

No, there aren't any limitations. You have the liberty to use the journals in any manner you wish, be it for personal usage, selling as a digital or physical product, or repurposing into other commodities.

Can I utilize the content from the DFY journals to produce other items?

Certainly! You possess the freedom to reconfigure the content into various formats such as eBooks, courses, blog entries, or any other product you intend to develop.

Do I have to pay any royalties or recurring charges if I sell the DFY journals?

No, there's no need for that. Once a PLR product is yours, you're free to sell it indefinitely without incurring any recurring charges or royalties. All the profits from selling the journals are yours to retain.